Andreas Nentwig

House Rules

When our guests are leaving:

  • Rubbish (black bags) out under palm tree. (Garbage gets fetched on Tuesdays.)
  • All blinds down and closed.
  • Empty fridges and switch OFF and plug out (if no other visitors follow). Leave fridge door wide open.
  • Close and check all windows and doors to be so!!
  • Switch OFF all geysers on the switch board in the scullery.
  • Put on alarm.

Dear Guest,

all lamps are working inside and outside the house. But at the moment some bulbs are missing. The BOLLARDS (garden light) do not work at the moment. The power/earth supply in the scullery will switch OFF.

Please, don't use the bollards.

The MAIN SWITCH for the outside lamps is at the right of the court yard glass door (in the passage to the bed room) near the floor.

There are additional switches for the outside - house - lamps around the house (GF):

  • Scullery                     3 switches above the board
  • Sunroom                   1 switch right of the glsass door
  • Kitchen/passage       1 switch left of the bollards above the main switch
  • Bed room                  1 switch right of the glass door
  • Garage                      1 switch right of the front door.

Dear Guest during Wintertime,

the house has partially

under floor heating.

On the ground floor (GF) there are 4 circles with it's own thermostat close to the floor:

  • Lounge                       For rectangular table area the switch is on the West side under the windows
  • Lounge                       Around the round table and the kitchen the switch is right of the frdge 
  • Bed room                   The switch is left of the chest
  • Bath room                  The switch is in the bed room close to the entrance.

On the first floor (FF) there is a circle with it's own thermostat close to the floor in each appartement and on the outside floor.

  • Appartement 1           under the mirror.